Why Take HRT When You're Going Through the Menopause?

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While some women go through the menopause without experiencing unmanageable side effects, others need help to manage their symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an effective treatment here. Why should you consider taking a course of HRT at this time of your life?

Get Help With Menopausal Problems

The menopause can bring a range of different symptoms. For example, you might suffer from physical problems such as hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, palpitations and general aches and pains. A dip in your oestrogen levels at this time of life can cause vaginal dryness, and your vaginal walls might become thinner and irritated. You might be more prone to getting vaginal and urinary infections.

The menopause can also affect your mood. You might be more up and down than usual. Plus, you might feel like you've lost some mental sharpness. You might struggle to remember things and to express yourself fluently. Brain fog is a very real issue for many.

HRT therapy can help you manage all of these common menopausal symptoms. For example, if you have hot flushes and night sweats, then taking in replacement hormones can set things right. You regain temperature control and lose the discomfort of excessive and uncontrollable sweating. Or, if you suffer from brain fog, the treatment can make you feel sharper and on the ball once again.

In all cases, HRT treatment helps because it targets the hormone supplies you are losing as you go through the menopause. They make it easier to manage this time of life.

Reduce the Chances of Post-Menopausal Problems

Don't just think that HRT can help you manage the menopause. This treatment also has some health benefits once you get through the other side and move on to later life.

Some women are more likely to have health issues once they become post-menopausal. For example, they might develop diabetes, heart problems and osteoporosis following the natural reduction in female hormones they experience over this period.

If you take HRT during the menopause, then you reduce the risk of developing these and other conditions. You don't fall off a hormonal cliff but help your body adapt to this life-stage more gradually.

To find out more about your options, make an appointment at a menopause hormonal treatment clinic like Oxford Hormone Clinic. They can explain how HRT treatments work and help you find the best way to make you feel physically and mentally better.

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